If by any chance anyone is passing this page and happens to realize that I haven't posted a blog in quite a while please forgive me. It is very remiss of me but I do have some (what I believe are excellent) excuses to hand which I hope you will accept:

A) I am finishing a novel! The good news is that I am at the editing phase! Yeah. The bad news is I am way past my deadline so any spare minute I get goes into editing and rewriting.

B) My seven unruly children keep distracting me and insisting on having my full attention. The good news is there is lots of brilliant us time, the bad news is there is very little me time!

C) I am expecting another beautiful baby in May! The good news is that everything is going great and I'm soooo excited, the bad news is that the first three or four months is unbelievably tiring so I tend to fall asleep within minutes of my children going to sleep, usually over my laptop, which doesn't really give me much time for anything.

I could give more reasons about boring housework and tasty-ish dinners and exciting creative writing classes and more exciting school visits but I think you get the message. So hence my poor blog,  Facebook my twitter account (which for some crazy reason I have joined) are all suffering. I know you are too so please accept my humblest apologies, I will be back in the land of the living soon. For all you writers out there I hope you keep moving forward on your winding road. I will be adding more videos to my Creative Writing Series once my beloved book has flown the coop. Until then enjoy the journey.