The Journey Continues...You

The Journey Continues...

You might be glad to know that I'm improving at this old technology malarky! It has taken me hours rather than days to figure it out. OK yes I did start trying to download or upload this morning which I know is approximately thirteen hours ago BUT in my defense there was the small matter of seven kids, school, tidying, dinner, homework, more tidying, swimming, tea, bedtime still more tidying and a few tantrums thrown in for good measure (not all mine, I promise) On top of that my phone died but I won't bore you or frustrate myself more with those details, let's just say AAAAGGGGHHHHHH!
So where was I? Oh yes, my   Creative Writing Tips 1! I'm not sure if you got to see them or what you thought of them but if you're interested here's Creative Writing Tips 2! I'd love to get some feedback on the videos, so please leave a comment (I'll ignore the bad ones, ha!) and if you've any suggestions or areas you'd like me to focus on I'd be happy to do so.
I'm also extremely excited about IBBY Ireland's Event next Wednesday night (26th June) upstairs in the Workman's Club. It'll be a discussion on Controversial Themes in YA Literature. OK yes I am honoured to be one of the speakers but the other speakers include, Sheena Wilkinson multi award winner for her books Taking Flight and Grounded, Siobhan Parkinson, writer, editor, publisher whom I am constantly in awe of and award winning author Anna Carey, who I'm dying to meet. Sine Quinn, a children's Book Editor and one of my favourite people will be chairing the meeting. So if you're around we'd love to see you!