Did you miss me?

Yes, I know it's been a while but I've had a good excuse, I've been to the west, Lahinch in Co. Clare to be more specific. We set out very (very) late last Wednesday and arrived in Lahinch very early on Thursday morning (sorry Johnny). But boy did we get the best of the weather. Brings me back to the good old days? Wasn't there a Summer or two in the 80's that was really fab?? I remember having to go to Gaeltacht with college and we had three weeks of the most fabulous weather, and spent the whole time (well maybe not the whole time, but most of it) ag ol agus ag ra, 'A Dhia, nach bhfuil se chomh te?' (All with the appropriate fadas in the right places of course)(I told you I'm not a techie...nor a great speller but I could have worse bad habits...and I do but lets not go there now). Anyway with the fab weather and the beautiful Burren and a sea to surf in what more would anyone need? Oh yes food, that was great too, and the deoch...perfect, even chilled! So that's my excuse I've been living it up. But I'm sure you're not too worried considering you're not even there or here to be more precise, you're not here or there are you? ...I thought not, so really I've nothing to worry about you haven't even missed me!